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Land of Smiles® Program Curriculum  

Delta Dental of Missouri's oral health curriculum, brought to you by Captain Super Grin, Terri Tooth Fairy, Caz Cavity and Toothpick, corresponds with the Land of Smiles® program and makes learning about oral health even more fun! Developed with input from teachers and school nurses, the curriculum provides lessons and activities to educate K-3 students about good oral health habits. The Land of Smiles program curriculum adheres to National Health Education Standards, as well as Missouri and South Carolina health education standards.


Our new digital curriculum is now available!* Scroll down and choose which kit you wish to download — grades K-2 or grade 3. 

*Alternatively, you may request to have a curriculum packet mailed to you by emailing



Grades K-2

  • Three lessons that can be taught as a unit or single lessons

  • Classroom activities

  • Coloring sheets

  • A daily brushing and flossing chart

  • Plus other take-home educational materials

Grade 3

  • Three advanced lessons that can be taught as a unit or single lessons

  • A daily brushing and flossing chart

  • Fun activity sheets for the classroom

  • Two science experiments to demonstrate how cavities are formed and the importance of fluoride for strong teeth

How are we doing?

If you've taught the Land of Smiles® program, please let us know how we're doing.​

 Free books for your classroom

Have all your students completed their monthly brushing and flossing chart as part of the completed curriculum? If yes, please complete this short form to receive free books for your classroom. 

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