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About Land of Smiles Program


Delta Dental has been providing the Land of Smiles® show since 2002, reaching more than 90,000 children at approximately 425 Missouri and South Carolina schools each year. The interactive play engages and educates audiences by demonstrating proper brushing and flossing techniques, discussing good and bad foods for teeth and reinforcing the importance of visiting the dentist regularly. This interactive, free program is a favorite for kids and teachers alike.


Along with the educational program, Delta Dental provides each school with supplemental curriculum to be used by the teachers for continued classroom education

Due to COVID-19, Delta Dental is offering a virtual format of the Land of Smiles® program. The virtual Land of Smiles experience is an online video that will take children on an adventure exploring the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day, flossing, eating healthy foods and visiting the dentist.  

Results and Reviews

Our pre- and post-show surveys demonstrate that, on average, students show a 34% increase in their good oral health behavior and knowledge after seeing the show. We continue to receive rave reviews from teachers for this highly engaging program that boosts enthusiasm!

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